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If you are wishing to improve the current processes of your organization and want to reduce the amount of waste generated, you must consider the Lean Six Sigma strategy to bring effective and practical changes. Lean Six Sigma methodology has been creating wonders for the organizations who implement it with complete dedication. Though an old methodology, it is gaining huge popularity these days. Your organization can also come in the list of benefit holders if you are willing to work hard and put effort towards it. You need professionals and experts in the matters of Lean Six Sigma to guide you correctly. 

For that purpose, you can choose Lean Six Sigma Experts of Utah. We’re a complete service Lean Six Sigma service company known or for training and consulting services. Read this article to know more about Lean Six Sigma and some commonly asked queries.

LSS Utah -Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification has been created for experts who need to get extra acquainted with the Lean Six Sigma certification values. The yellow belt holders are well versed with the basic methodology and techniques of Lean Six Sigma.

They get a chance to work with professional leaders who are black belt or yellow belt certified. This provides them with experience and improves their management skills. Lean Six Sigma’s primary cause is to make all procedures as improved as possible, which enables commercial enterprises to obtain maximum benefits from their resources.

Lean Six Sigma is primarily based totally on the Six Sigma principles, which had been created via Motorola’s way as they believed there must be a standardized procedure to take away defects from a commercial enterprise project.

Commonly asked questions and answers regarding Lean Six Sigma. This can help you clear your queries.

Answer: The main components of the Lean Six Sigma Green belt curriculum are:

  • Lean Principles, concepts, and techniques
  • Benefits of implementation of Lean approach
  • The hidden factory
  • Voice of the customer
  • SIPOC and value stream mapping (VSM)
  • Process mapping
  • Lean project identification and prioritization
  • What are the eight types of waste
  • Cause and effect diagram- 5 whys and root cause analysis
  • Errors and mistake proofing
  • Pareto chart analysis
  • Importance of change management, culture, and leadership
  • The value and non-value-added service
  • Kaizen event planning and execution

Answer: The reasons for choosing Lean Six Sigma Experts of Utah for the course are:

  • Practical and Theoretical learning by highly skilled and talented teachers
  • The curriculum that is focused on the present day's requirement of the business.
  • Drill the students with exercises and quizzes for developing analytical skills.
  • Recordings and videos for promoting better learning and engagement of the individuals going through the training.
  • Revision of basics and general concepts from time to time which is needed to clear the exam.

Answer: With proper training and knowledge, one can become a certified professional. The major steps to become a lean six sigma professional include:

Selection of relevant Lean six sigma training course from a certified training organization

  • Next step involves payment of the Six Sigma certification course to the organization providing training.
  • Through the preparation of Lean six sigma, training is to be done, starting with the collaterals provided by the training and certification institute.
  • Attending the Six Sigma training with full dedication and then clear your doubts before you give the exam.
  • Mock sample tests to be undertaken for efficient practice.
  • Apply for the lean six sigma exam online and then clear your exam
  • Now, you will become a lean six sigma professional to grow and get amazing opportunities worldwide.

Answer: The main difference is

  • With green belt certification, an individual aspires to become a leader and works towards it, while with black belt certification, the individual is the leader who is ready to take the job and provide guidance to the other members.
  • An LSS black belt certified is ready to coach and train other members in the team, whereas a Lean Six Sigma Green belt certified individual could not.
  • The black belt certified has a say at the organization, and things are carried out in the manner as said by the black belt holder.

Why choose Lean Six Sigma Experts of Utah for the Lean Six Sigma certification course?

Here at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Utah, we provide services that people in the state recommend. The reasons are:

  • We offer all of the Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma courses at a low price. 
  • We supply our courses using distinct techniques to suit everyone’s needs. The techniques are classroom, online and onsite training. Classroom coaching is where you can select from our wide variety of high-quality venues located in Utah. One of our industry-leading teachers who will let you through the entire course content will help you with the course.
  • LSS online training is one of our most famous methods as it permits you to take the course anytime you wish and at your own pace and time. We additionally offer Live Virtual Classes where the student can easily interact and communicate with trainers and professionals. It is straightforward to set up and smooth to use on any device, which allows students to attend the training course from the place. This way, we also provide comforting support from skilled trainers.
  • Onsite or in-person training is a popular method with employers. The motive for this is that it permits organizations and firm heads to monitor their employee progression through the course. In this manner, we get familiar with the conditions at your firm and help you make better decisions. Do call us right now and book your course with us today. We will be happy to serve you. 
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