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There are many steps in a company’s work processes that lead to the wastage of efforts, money, and resources. This increases the cost of production that further leads to a decrease in profits. Lean Six Sigma is an improvement strategy that can prove to be really beneficial for companies when it comes to the efficiency and effectiveness of the work processes. Want to get Lean Six Sigma certified? We, Lean Six Sigma Experts in Utah, are here to help you. Our company is one of the leading Lean Six Sigma Training and consultation company in Herriman. Here is a complete guide on Lean Six Sigma and its level of certification.

LSS Utah-Herriman UT

What does Lean Six Sigma mean?

Lean Six Sigma is a collaborative team effort used to improve the quality of the processes of an organization. It systematically eliminated the waste in the processes and reduced the variations in the processes. It is basically a methodology used to improve the efficiency and the performance of the implementing organization. Lean Six Sigma provides a framework to the organizations that leads to its culture change. With its implementation and certification, employers try to change the mindsets of their employees and workers. It’s done so that they can focus on the improvement and quality of the work and expect them to work better every day. Lean Six Sigma is composed of Lean and Six Sigma, extremely powerful and recognized process improvement techniques.

Levels of Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma certification is one of the most useful and beneficial certifications from a business perspective. It has helped hundreds of people in the growth of their careers and also in the expansion of their businesses. Lean Six Sigma is basically of three main types that are: 

  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt – The Yellow Belt certification includes the basic concept of understanding Lean Six Sigma. The Yellow Belts are familiar with the Lean Six Sigma vocabulary terms and simple strategies. They act as an assistant to the Green and Black Belts in various improvement projects and report them.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – The Green Belts manage the Lean Six Sigma and the simple projects of the company. He holds expertise in Lean Six Sigma but is not very well verse in the Black Belt. Green belt Trains the yellow Belts and helps the Black Belts in complex improvement projects.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – It is the most advanced level of Lean Six Sigma certification. The Black belts hold extreme expertise in the Lean Six Sigma concepts. They act as a mentor, leader, trainer for the other team members and is the face of the company.

Lean Six Sigma Experts of Utah

We’re one of the most well-known, trustworthy, and experienced Lean Six Sigma companies in Herriman. We, Lean Six Sigma Experts of Utah, have been in the training and consultation field for the last many years. Our company offers: 

  • Lean Six Sigma Training
  • Lean Six Sigma Consultation 
  • Lean Six Sigma Certification
  • LSS Curriculum for high school students

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